Can't sign in using my Facebook credentials on The Verge's Android app! (CC:

My 'The Verge' account is linked to my Facebook credentials and every time I try to login the app tries to authorise using my Facebook account and gives me this scrambled version of the Facebook login page (Screenshot below).

I have noticed this bug ever since I upgraded from my Galaxy Nexus to a Nexus 5 (running Android 4.4.2). I have encountered this bug even on my previous devices albeit, intermittently.

As my 'The Verge' account is linked to my Facebook credentials, I am not able to login and partake in forum conversations, on-the-go.

A suggestion to deal with this problem would be to give usernames & passwords even to people who've signed up using Facebook/Twitter. That way they can sign in with their alternate credentials, in the event of such an outage.

Has anyone else been facing this frustrating bug? Uwh73hw_medium