The Verge CES Congratulations Thread

Having watched The Verge with all their videos and short gadget stories, I'd like to start a congratulations topic, which I hope is OK to do.

I have to say that the whole CES coverage was:

a) Highly entertaining (which is the most important thing, otherwise why watch?)

b) Informative (while most companies pushed products, there was some really good commentary on them)

c) Production quality was great (some of the videos are way better than TV or News outlets in general)

So, even if it's inappropriate to post it here, I'd like to thank all the people involved, including those who kept the site up and running, wrote all the commentary in addition to the videos and made it such a great fun to follow.

!!! Thank You All. You have done a Great Job !!!

I had a great two and a half days, but I have to go to work so I couldn't watch all of it (yet).

Last night, I watched the last live feed at 3:30AM GMT.

All the folks, complaining about video podcasts not being available or other stuff that's hard to find, should lean back and look at the overall picture of what has been presented on The Verge over the last couple of days.

Again. Thanks a lot. I really enjoyed it.

Best Regards from Germany.

(Top Broadcasts: Sony, T-Mobile, Vizio CTO, the Car Stuff. The fun with Yahoo, ... , .... )