Google+ needs to be Spring-Cleaned!

I like Google's products a lot and I am a fan of what they do, with one large exception and that's Google+. All the the aggressive changes they've have been making recently have really done nothing else except for ruin every other Google product. From Search, Youtube, gtalk, and now Gmail, (among others) enough is enough!

And the sad part is that all of this is happening to gloss over the fact that G+ has absolutely failed as a social network. They are the windows phone of social networks. Sure they have a few hardcore users, but all they've really done is replicate facebook and twitter years and years after those networks launched. Outside of things that existed beforehand like chat and pictures that were just rebranded and are now forced into a social layer, it provides me absolutely zero value.

Google killed Reader because not many people were using it. I seriously doubt that Google+ is even getting half the number of active users that Reader used to get.

If I want to be public, I'll do it myself, they don't have to trick me and essentially force me to do things that either I don't want or I don't even know are happening. I don't even understand the financial reason for them to want me to be public. Google already knows everything about me from my email, my searches, and my Chrome usage. And I actually don't mind (even sometimes like) the targeted advertising they show me. It's actually helped me find products I've wanted to buy.

If anything, Google+ could be successful if they tried to make it the private social network, the anti-facebook of social networks. Instead, they are making Google+ the thing that probably ends up killing Google.