Galaxy Note Pro as a Laptop Replacement

SO I know how /r/android[1] doesn't like Samsung, and I know there has been many posts regarding this topic (Gotta love search) but with the Advent of the new Note Pro 12.2 I figured I'd re-ask the question and peoples opinion on the situation. I put serious because I really want serious opinions on the situation.

I realize a laptop will always be much better for full productivity, but it seems the Note Pro answers two of the top complaints I've seen in reddit posts and blogs (No good multitasking option and too small of a screen to work with)

Anyways, I'd love to get the Note Pro 12.2 plus the new Logitech Keyboard[2] to be in place of a laptop. Currently using a Macbook Pro Retina 13" (1.1" bigger screen but exact same resolution) but, to be fully honest, am bored with it.

I am a college student so the note taking would be very useful to have (I've tried this with the Note 10.1 2014ed, does work well but would be even better on a bigger screen) I do buy a lot of textbooks through the KNO and now Google Play. I do also have a homebuilt Windows/Hackintosh PC to use the new Samsung Remote PC Feature.

SO basically what I'm asking is do you think the option is viable for me? If not, why not? and just for the heck of it, do you think this new tablet is the closest Android devices have gotten so far to be a viable option to replacing a pc altogether?

P.s. edit I remembered theres also accessories like a microusb 3.0 to ethernet adapter and I do have an HP Wireless printer (Which works well with Samsung tablets without having to download extra software.)