Most Memorable Apple Store Experience

Apple Stores get a lot of praise and a lot of criticism, and often for the same reasons. I'm just curious as to what Verge reader's most memorable occasion in the Apple Store, good or bad. It doesn't have to involve the Genius Bar either. I was just in there last week to get my iPhone looked at. I was seen by a genius within minutes and he diagnosed the issues real quickly and replaced my phone. Throughout the process, I asked if the store had a new Mac Pro demo yet (I didn't look for it on my way in). His eyes lit up and got all excited about the question and talked about how cool is was to play around with. The 30th anniversary of Macintosh also became a topic of conversation. Next thing you know, he hand's me a replacement iPhone and I was set to go. That whole process didn't take more than 5 minutes. It was also really intriguing for me to see a retail store employee get all excited about the products that they work with.

Again, What's your most memorable Apple Store experience? Good or Bad and it doesn't have to involve the Genius Bar.