Sprint HTC One Android 4.4.2 + Sense 5.5 update

Today Sprint flipped the switch on the Kit Kat update for the HTC One. Below are some of the noticeable feature additions that I have found in playing with it a bit today. I have also linked to some screenshots throughout. (Some features are just regular Kit Kat features, some are Sense specific)

  • White status bar system icons
  • Emoji support (holding on enter in Google Keyboard, Holding on "12#" HTC Sense Input)
  • Different way of managing lock screen widgets
  • You can turn off BlinkFeed (which has a bunch of new features)
  • Quick settings icon has changed and features customizable layouts now
  • New animation when launching Google Now
  • New multitasking UI
  • HTC stock apps have tweaked UIs (Gallery is the most notable)
  • Google Drive now offers some extra free storage (Haven't been able to get the offer to work, support page here)
  • Default SMS option in settings
  • Print functionality
  • Do Not Disturb functionality
  • Visual tweaks made to the remote app
  • You can now draw and attach a drawing in Messages
  • You can now draw on pictures in Gallery
  • Refreshed Downloads app and file picker
  • Better launcher management (Settings > Personalize > Home screen)
  • More detailed Location settings
  • Lock screen notification settings are now in Security (also have a tweaked design)
  • A new "HTC Apps" app has popped up. Searches for "new apps available for this device" (Curious to see if HTC starts updating their apps outside the Play Store and outside regular Android updates. Could have just missed this previously, though. Seems new.)

If you noticed anything else, add it in the comments!