Camera gift for the misses

So its my GF bday soon, and I know she really wants a good camera. She tends to travel around England a lot for work and a real camera would be awesome. She also visits her sister in the US once a year so it would be really handy there.

I'm stuck between 2 choices, RX 100 (first gen) and the NEX-3N. The RX 100, seems like the ultimate is no hassle point and shoot, things should be easier and just work. But the NEX-3N gives her option to expand as a photography. She has also been into photography, but never really had a good camera to 'spread her wings' and I feel the NEX-3N is a nice platform for that.

So I just want your 2 cents, I'm looking to spend £350 max on this.

Also wants a nice beginner editing app for OSX, was looking at something like Pixelmator but not 100% sure.

You guys helped me a lot earlier this year so thought I would ask here.