Things i hate in iOS 7

The problems I have with iOS 7 isn't that it doesn't have widgets, when i share pictures i don't get a million options, I don't have a swipe keyboard, Im not complaining about transparency or frost glass nitpick blah blah blah. I love iOS 7 get work done on it just fine and just as quickly and even the icons really bother me. Tech nerds and especially news sites like the verge keeps going on about it but I'm sure most people don't think twice about it. And i absolutely love Touch ID and ill never go back.

But with that being said there are some things that drives me up the wall with iOS 7 and it happens almost every time i use it. Hers my list:

1. I like the music app but have you ever try to scrub and drag through the song you playing. In the app itself isn't bad, but if your in control center or even the lock screen its a pain in the ass trying scrub through the song. Sometimes it's impossible.

2. it's crash apps more times then it should and take me back to the home screen or just reboots itself. Supposedly apple is fixing this problem but its not happening quick enough.

3. I love listening to music its what i do all that day. But for some reason when i want to shuffle music by genres it won't let me do that. If i go to Genres R&B and I want to shuffle the music i can't. Im only allowed to go to the artist in the R&B category and shuffle their own music.

4. if someone is using my iPhone and its locked and they use siri saying directions to the casino. Sometimes it will leave the lock screen and go straight to maps and all the of the sudden they have access to the home screen without having the put in my passcode or use the touch id. WTF, apple please fix this ASAP.

5. iCloud is great and i love it. It backs up my info and content without me having to do anything. But with that being said its been 2 years now and for some reason iCloud hasn't been able to back up data from apps from iPad to iPhone. For example if i downloaded a game app thats iPad and iPhone compatibale. And i played it on my iPad then day later i decide to play it on my iPhone my achievements won't sync back and forth between devices. If i started on the iPad, i have to start from fresh on the iPhone.

6. I love mail. i have gmail, yahoo, iCloud accounts. Most tech people and especially The Verge hate it. I don't understand why its freaking email for christ sakes. Hopefully someone can clue me in to that it be much appreciated. But with that being said it drives me insane that i can attach photos and videos to a new mail message but i can't attach documents. I can't count how many times someone ask me for a document i have in pages and they want me to email it to them. It be so much easier if i can just attach the email and be done. But no i have to go to pages, choose the document i want to email, then email it as appose to just attaching it to the thread i was already in.

7. I love airdrop. I like air dropping media a lot better then texting it or emailing it. But when when I'm ready to air drop someone a video, their name icon takes forever to show up in the share menu. Sometimes it just won't. But when it does show up it works beautifully.

8. I take a lot of notes on my iPhone. This is a huge deal but i just can't understand why i can't just flip through notes without having to go back to the list of notes i have instead of just flipping though as I'm viewing them.

9. calendar isn't as awful a some might say in my opinion. I like the new layout but they made it a lil more confusing then they should. They way the old calendar functioned from iOS 1-6 was just fine. I love the new layout of it but just go back to the way it worked before.

From what I seen and heard Apple is fixing a lot of these things in iOS 7.1 so fingers crossed. What are y'all complaints about it. Comment below and let me know

Edit: Im sorry but number 4 is false. It was a problem but it seems it has been fixed. Sorry about that, but everything else here still drives me nuts.