iPad Air capacity is KILLING me

Hi there,

I'm planning to go the Apple Store tomorrow but the choice of capacity is killing me! I've already decided I want a black Wi-Fi only model but I've yet to decide on the last variable. I know this is a rather 'lowbrow' subject but I'd still very much appreciate your advice. : )

Let me give you an overview of how I'm going to use my iPad.

  • Main use case: reading documents/books that I've synced from Dropbox (for college). PDF reading is the reason I've decided to buy this device. The rest is basically bonus.
  • Definitely no music. I already have an iPod Classic and have no need to store music on my iPad.
  • Movies/TV Shows is a difficult one. Although the iPad Air would be great for them, I've just bought a NAS with 8TB for at home. Plus, I have a Netflix subscription. So for at home, the extra capacity is redundant anyway. If I ever am going to use the storage for movies it will only be on the road.
  • Definitely no photos and video recording. There's not even a remote possibility that I'm going to film and/or take photos on my iPad. Also I have an iPhone 5s with 64Gb which offers more enough for that kind of stuff.
  • The only thing that I'm sure of that will use some storage is games. On my iPhone, I've never played more than a few games at a time but I imagine, since the iPad is more suitable for gaming, it might be fun to install a few good-looking (and thus storage thirsty) games to play around with.
So this is all I can think of right now. What I hate about the iDevice storage tier system is that you quickly start to become enslaved by 'more is better' obsession. Do I have to get more/pay more when Apple introduced 256GB..? So I really want to make the best choice for my use case.

Thanks in advance!