One Branding

What if Microsoft was to replace most or all products' names with "One-"? Much like OneNote, OneDrive, and Xbox One, it would be their complete branding scheme for the company. This would be much like Apple with "i-", so anything with One in it is from Microsoft. They could push things like One OS, something that could replace Windows and Windows RT (then use Windows as a product that does not have the Metro side of things, so desktop users are happy). OnePhone, One OS, Xbox One, OneDrive, OneWorks (to replace Office) could include OneDoc (or OneWord), OneSlides, OneBook (excel) OneNote, OneMail, and then have other things like OneWeb (IE) and OneFind (Bing). The hardware portion of their products could stay the same, so Surface and Lumia wouldn't be affected.

Suggest different One names or what you think about the One scheme!