A New Year a New set of Devices

I'm sure many of you are perfectly content with your devices you probably just bought within the last 3 months. But lets face it, we follow tech and once the new year rolls around those devices from 3 months ago are just "old" lol

SO what does the new year have in store for us.


They have already gave us their Z1, Z1 Compact, and Z1 Ultra, I suspect it will be quiet from the Sony camp until close to the end of the year. Maybe a Nexus...who knows


Samsung has blessed or in some cases annoyed us with their slew of tablets. However, it is flagship time, and that means the Galaxy S5, which is rumored to be announced very soon. Of course Samsung will probably release 5 - 10 more devices throughout the year, just to fill in the holes. Oh yeah, there will probably be the Galaxy Gear 2 released sometime between now and July so, that will be interesting to see how that goes.


LG announced the availability of the Flex early in the year. There is rumor that they will bring out the LG G2 Pro soon, however their flagship LG G3 I am guessing will come around Q3 of this year


Asus releases phones here and there, but never really does something major on the phone side. Honestly speaking their biggest device in the past couple of years is the Nexus 7. I have never seen a company get a specific Nexus device 3 years in a row, so it will be interesting to see who refreshes the Nexus 7 In July/August


HTC also release phones earlier in the year like Samsung. The M8 rumors, HTC One refresh, are all over the place so I guess we can expect that in the next couple of months. Outside of that some say HTC will do a Nexus Tablet, but like all rumors...you never know. In addition there are also rumors HTC is trying to get in on watches


The beloved Motorola will still be Google Motorola for probably the next 6 months. I do see them releasing an refreshed Moto X in August, but it will be interesting to see where they take it.


You can talk about Android OEMs without mentioning Google's release cycle of the Android OS. We will probably see a 4.5 Kit Kat come at Google I/O, and I am suspecting they will unveil the rumored Nexus TV thingy. Of course we should see a new Nexus phone in the fall. I am guessing Nexus 5 (2014), and I am thinking Sony or HTC will get the Nexus. As for the Nexus 10...I honestly do not think this is going to happen. Google has been also playing around with watches, so it will be interesting if they actually release one.

Any just a brief summary, I will leave it to the comment section for those to expand on what they think each company will do in detail.