Giving up Addictions cold turkey.

Well, not necessarily drugs and so forth. Tech addictions.

I gave up Ingress on Sunday.
I've been playing for a few months, finally getting to the top Level 8 on Saturday. As you might know the game involves you travelling around, capturing geographic locations, and as you move up the levels you start making larger, more dramatic moves. And gradually, it takes more and more time.

I found my self taking too long lunch breaks to purify the street around work of the enemy's Portals. I'd be late home, needing to walk the streets for an hour or so... how do you explain that to your wife? Booze, a woman, maybe, but you aren't coming home because a dumb phone game?

And then Saturday I went for a long 4 hour drive to conquer far flung Portals across the city. Which were then conquered back on Sunday morning. I wanted to get in my car again to drive off and get revenge... but, WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING???

I deleted Ingress off my phone. Deleted bookmarks in Chrome. Unfriended G+ circles. It's gone, and I can relax.

So... Tech addictions. What have absorbed you so much that you had to just kill them off?
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