What Are Your Favourite Custom Rom Features?

So we all know that custom Android roms, if you can be bothered with them, can provide some awesome features that stock android doesn't provide.

One of the main advantages of custom roms are that they can provide older phones with newer versions of Android after the manufacturers have ended support. I remember my old LG which was release with 1.6, updated to 2.1 was rocking Android 4.1 by the time I had upgraded my phone.

That isn't really a feature of custom roms, but an advantage. What are your favourite advantages of custom roms and what rom do they come from?

My overall favourite feature can be found in all custom roms and that is ADB over WiFi. I'm always losing my cords and when I need to test some new code I don't have to wait for the emulator to boot up and bla bla, just send it straight to my tablet.

My rom specific favourites would have to be:

OmniRom - Active Display

Active Display is what you see on the Moto X where the screen will display notifications without lighting up the entire display. You can then dismiss them, view them or open the app. It's a great feature and it would have minor improvements on battery life when you aren't turning on the device to check notifications.

Paranoid Android - Quick Clear Open Apps

This might sound like a minor one, most roms offer some sort of clear all button for open apps but do so by adding a clear button in the corners of the screen. Paranoid Android takes this one further by after pressing the apps button, it will change to the clear all button and pressing that will clear all apps except for the one currently open. Clicking it a third time will close the current app as well. So you can clear all open apps with three quick taps of the apps button.

CyanogenMod - Stability

The reason I have used CyanogenMod for sooo long was that it is incredible stable. New versions of Android are put into the nightly rotation almost immediately. Comparing CyanogenMod to something like Paranoid Android (which is based on CyanogenMod) you can see how stable it really is. Paranoid Android introduced heaps of random bugs for me and I eventually had to stop using it as every day something would spam the Super User for ages and just lock up the device.

The main rom I use on both my phone an my tablet currently is OmniRom. I initially installed 4.4.2 on my tablet because everyone had mentioned OmniRom provides split screen apps but was disappointed as it was removed because it was buggy. So I'm running OmbiRom as it is surprisingly stable, has Active Display, some minor features and customizations that other roms don't have and the future promise of split screen apps :D

So they are my main favourite things about custom roms. The stability of CyanogenMod, Active Display of OmniRom and the Quick Clear in Paranoid Android. Tell me what your favourite features or your custom rom are and why you use it.