Tegra 4

I have been derping around on the web for the past 2-3 hours give or take (Atlanta is shut down for next couple days because of a coming ice storm and I don't have to go back to college until Friday), I was looking for a tablet to buy and I am considering getting the HP Slate 7 Extreme. HOLD ON. That`s not what this post is about though. I am seriously wondering:


According to Nvidia`s website only the HTC One X, X+, and the Xiaomi Mi3 were the only phones to have a Tegra processor. From what I gathered, Tegra processors (Especially the Tegra 4) have amazing game play-ability. I was watching videos of people playing Heavy Duty 3D games with bluetooth controllers. I seriously would throw my money at a manufacturer who would throw a Tegra 4 in a phone. Am I alone in this? The Tegra 4 period shoudl be in more devices.