Oculus Rift - ARI, a new PC form factor in horizon?


Everyone has been talking about Oculus Rift and its impact the next generation of gaming. By submerging users into 3D virtual environment, it's really clear how gaming experience, especially those First Person games, would be enhanced. But currently the discussion about this peripheral still hasn't show its greatest potential yet. Once everything is set and ready, Oculus Rift might mark the next PC form factor that might change ALL our interaction with computers.

It's not surprising that something that's been developed for gaming instead found greater success when used outside of gaming environment. Take Kinect for example, what has been touted as the new form of gaming control, has instead found greater use outside of gaming space. And same thing might goes with Oculus Rift as well.

No doubt that, Oculus Rift as a gaming platform is incredible. But what if we take it outside of game space? What if we use Oculus Rift for working environment? What if someone create a unique OS that specifically use virtual space for how we work, how we create?

Imagine a work space that no longer being confined to the rectangle in front of you, but it's also on your side, above or below you. We can have several working windows opened at once, but they're not stacked one on top of the other, but instead placed to the side, front or back. Current PC form with multiple screen will be extinct just like that.


Picture: ARI - Heavy Rain


Picture: Dead Space

Now that we have the vision of the output that we might get, we still need to reconfigure how we interact with the OS. Because the way we interact with the OS will be totally different. We might need a totally rebuild input from ground up for this new OS. Of this we have several choices, though as of right now, mostly are still in the realm of science fiction, with the most prominent being the glove from ARI - Heavy Rain or Minority Report.


Picture: Minority Report

This might be the next wave of PC revolution. Just like how Apple revolutionized the whole computing form with iPhone and its touch interface, and building upon it into new form factors of mobile/tablets. With the correct implementation, Virtual 3D environment such as Oculus might be the next force that revolutionized PC form factor.