The Farewell I never saw coming.

5 Android devices - 5 Years - Over $500 Spent in Google Play - 1 Google Event Attended and now we are here iPhone

It all ended when my HTC One decided that it would be cute not to charge out the middle of no where. Completely messing up the first portion of my day. From the HTC Sensation slowing down over time, to the Evo 3D being a joke, to the random every day Galaxy Nexus re-boots to the horrid screen on the Galaxy S3 to my non charging HTC One (Which was actually the best Android phone I Owned).

But there were other issues:

-Lack of Updates

-Fragmentation (I don't wanna hear it doesn't exist or other platforms have it)

-Bloat from Carriers

-Android OS App design.

-Google's own apps running smoother on other platforms (Looking at you Chrome)

These are just a few issues that added fuel to the fire. I was being to feel like a beta user every time a new Android Update came out.

So I did something about it.

I took the phone to TMo and traded for an iPhone. It's been a week and I must say it has been beyond refreshing and an amazing magical experience. However there are seriously things that bug the sh*t out of me.

First of All:

-I'm not convinced screen response on iPhone 5s or 5C is better than HTC One or my old GS3.

-Sharing has improved app to app however still remains a mess.

-Retina my ass, if you look hard enough (I know it may seem petty) you can see pixels - You can't on a 1080p display. It is however really REALLY hard to do on iPhone.

-You pay for almost every good app.

-The App store is definitely annoying to get around vs Google Play. Maybe I need to get use to the change but I find the App Store layout to be an utter and complete mess to find anything.

Things I Miss:


-Better Sharing Options

Things that iOS does that will keep me:

-Eff an LED light, one of my fav features is the fact that you camera LED goes off with every notification. Lights up the entire room. Always catches my co-workers eyes haha!!

-4' Screen, could be 4'3 but I'm so happy with the size of this phone!!

-Audio Quality (In Ear) I find it interesting that no phone has been able to beat Apple at this, not even HTC with Beats. However it comes Second in terms of external speakers to Boom Sound (HTC).

-DESIGN DESIGN DESIGN Hardware Second to None and APP DESIGN by far the best. iOS is stunning, it's simply just beautiful to look at and the usability rocks. The apps are so beautiful, vibrant, light, the whole transparently thing esp with the keyboard is awesome.

-Springboard, quick and easy, never did like may launchers on Android. I have only one page.

-Multitasking finally better on iOS than Android in terms of speed. Not sure about the background task, I know its updating however it seems like it's updating the app right before you open it. Almost like it's using the animation as a distraction. Same with going into multitasking view, it starts updating. It's interesting an def a perception thing, but the apps are always updated when you get to them. That, and you always receive notifications on time regardless.

-Lock screen notifications THE BEST.

-Smooth, no lag, super fast.

-Battery, I get about a day and a half. 1 charge.

-iMessage, you don't realize how many people own an iPhone until you noticed that your whole inbox is blue and not Green. It's seamless unlike Hangouts. It's beautiful, its super fast and smart.

-Animations .... Could be faster but once again beautiful.


After a week, I don't think I'm going anywhere any time soon.