What do the WP8.1 leaks tell us about future hardware?

So far I have found three pieces of leaked information on WP8.1 that could tell us something about what types of hardware the OS might run on in the future.

  • WP8.1 supports resolutions as small as 384x640 and as large as 1440x2560
  • On-screen navigation buttons
  • Universal apps

So my guess is, that

  • Microsoft might be planning on using the OS for very small portable devices in the future (wearable?)
  • The support for large super-high-res screens may be a useful for either super-high-res phones/phablets or (more likely) tablets (WP-WRT-merge)
  • We already know that Nokia is going to release a device that has on-screen buttons instead of physical ones. I'm wondering whether on-screen buttons will be the preferred standard with future WP devices? Clean button-less design could become a new distinctive signature feature for WP devices.

What are your guesses?