New HTC M8 Picture (UPDATE - Debunked? New Pics Added)

Ok so the last pic was outed as a fake by an HTC exec, but this looks more authentic perhaps? (I'm not always the best judge lol)

Anyway from my perspective, I don't just looks a bit cluttered, I'm not a big fan of the whole 'triple bezel' thing it's got going on. I.e. the silver bezel with speakers, the black bezel with the logo, and then the (not really a bezel but you know what I mean) onscreen button section. Just doesn't look right to me. What does everyone else think?


OK well here's yet another set of leaks, which look far prettier and far more likely without the silly logo bezel. Let's hope these are the real thing! Again though...I have no knowledge of photoshop etc so really can't judge the authenticity :)

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