Galaxy S5 Screenshot + Other leaks (pinch of salt)

This from gsmarena is an apparent screenshot from the S5, but more interesting is the rumoured features from The Korea Herald:

...the Samsung Galaxy S5 will launch with a bezel-free display. The Korean giant has reportedly been working on the technology since 2012.

The yet to be revealed smartphone is also said to feature a fingerprint scanner – right in line with previous reports. The fingerprint reader is reportedly embedded in the display and will only be available at its bottom left and right sides. Screen panels with full support for fingerprint scanning are tipped for the second half of this year.

Furthermore, the next generation Samsung Galaxy S will reportedly be even slimmer than its predecessor. The feat will be achieved via a new display panel technology which will replace the currently used four-layer setup featuring indium tin oxide.

In addition to making the smartphone slimmer, the new display technology will bring improved energy efficiency and viewing accuracy...

Obviously a hefty pinch of salt is needed. I hope they don't bother with the fingerprint thing, but no bezel could be amazing matched with the right software.