GoPro's tiny and resilient cameras have recorded quite a few incredible journeys, but perhaps none so serendipitous as the one that Mia Munselle says led to a camera lying in her pigpen. After finding the camera, Munselle says she viewed the video stored on it and realized just how it came to be there: the camera fell from a small plane, twirled down to Earth, and landed fairly gracefully among her group of pigs — one of which immediately investigated its potential as a food source.

While we can't verify that the video is completely real, this wouldn't be a first for GoPros: another camera was dropped alongside a group of skydivers and survived, and another recorded a fall from a near-space balloon flight. GoPro tells us that it has nothing to do with the video — and in fact, the company appears to be enjoying it as much as the rest of us.