Hey folks! Who is going to PAX East this year? (The Verge/Polygon)


Hey everyone, it's Shaun - your community manager for both The Verge and Polygon here, and I'm looking to get a headcount of any of our awesome Verge readers who are attending PAX East this year.


There's a Polygon community meet-up happening for the second PAX running, and it might be cool to turn this into some sort of PolyVerge mashup. You can chat about that here, or sign in using your Verge account on Polygon and talk to Nicole and Johnathan (Polygon community mods) directly.

Possible activities - we're still working out the details - include scavenger hunt, prizes, trivia etc.

Whoo! Community fun! Look how cool this stuff is! - It's going to be fun.

//Shaun Mc

Image: via Twitch