iPhone 5S vs 5C re: battery life?

I've been working on a Lumia 920 for the past year-ish now, and I think I'm ready to go back to an iPhone on my main device. At this juncture I'm trying to decide between saving $100 and going with an iPhone 5C, whose design I'm very fond of, and a 5S, mainly for the SoC's superiority. TouchID is cool, but it's just so low on the consideration list for me after using it on a friend's. Can anyone with plenty of experience on both devices educate me on the battery life, practically speaking? Saving money, getting a design I prefer and getting a substantial boost in longevity are all very appealing to me, and from what I'm hearing, the 5C seems to be a bit faster than the 5 despite supposedly having the same SoC. I'm one of those "no/minimal case" people, so please don't tell me to just get a 5S and a battery case; I'm just not going to do that.

Thoughts? Advice? Thanks in advance.