Then the media formed a rumour from the dust of the ground and breathed into its nostrils the breath of life, and the rumour became a possibility.

To say the least I am little bemused by how aggressively some techblogs/(other news sites) are propagating the rumour that Microsoft is looking to integrate critical parts of the Android open stack to allow running Android apps on Windows based devices, the wildest 'suggestions' propose Microsoft might even fork Android, doing away with the Windows NT kernel and other infrastructure assets !

They say there's no smoke without fire, or is there ? Whilst I am not ready to outright say it's complete BS, brewed entirely to create click bait headlines, it certainly looks to be that way from what I have read so far. I hope together, in this thread, we can track down the source of these 'rumours' and conclude if they even deserve the bandwidth they had wasted so far.

The precursor to all this was Nokia's 'Normandy', an independent initiative by Nokia before it was acquired by Microsoft. How they connected the two and why did it inspire journo's to write articles on Microsoft wanting to integrate/fork Android is beyond me. In all likelihood Normandy will be terminated after its first run post acquisition.

  • Tom Warren writes an article and suggests 'It's not impossible to imagine a scenario where Microsoft adopts Android in some form'. No evidence for it, but fair enough, it's an innocent 'proposition/what if'.


  • This echoed on by this analysis/proposition from the guardian:

Analysis: Satya Nadella must kill Windows Phone and fork Android

Summary: Windows Phone is too little too late\didn't take off etc. Microsoft should instead fork/integrate Android and focus on services. No sources of any kind provided for Microsoft working with Android, instead just proposed by the journalist.

  • Responded to by Peter Bright from Ars on why Microsoft should never fork Android.

Neither Microsoft, Nokia, nor anyone else should fork Android.

  • Expanded on by Hal Berenson, who is some former Microsoft engineer. Now this is the only article that holds any water in my opinion. However Hal seem to be the victim of the above linked to articles, unless he is referring to different 'inside' sources ?

He states:

We are floating in rumors and suggestions this week around Microsoft and Android, from a call for Microsoft to drop Windows Phone in favor of a forked Android to Peter Bright’s explanation of why that doesn’t make technical sense

But I keep hearing rumors, some of them believable, that Microsoft is working with someone (and I don’t know if it’s Bluestacks) to bring a way to run Android apps to Windows Phone (and/or Windows 8.x).

He concludes:

Ok, this is all fantasy built on speculation built on rumors built on wishful thinking built on more rumors. Some of it may be true, much of it will not be. No one should bet the ranch on any of it. At least not until Build hopefully separates reality from fantasy.

  • Astonishingly (unless he is not telling us about some other sources) this leads Tom Warren to conclude that Microsoft is in fact likely working on forking/integrating Android. Making a firm suggestion, stemming from a rumour/idea that he possibly ignited himself ! With the article titled:

Strange Bedfellows: Microsoft could bring Android apps to Windows.

I am more than happy for someone to provide more sources, especially ones that are not pure suppositions and propositions. Otherwise this appears to be a golden example of artificial 'value' creation in media. Literally based on nothing concrete or even soft.