Making Widgets More Intuitive and Useful

Many "normal" people I know don't use very many widgets. There's a huge UI issue here.

If widgets are visible in the app drawer, then it's inconsistent. Tapping on a widget doesn't do anything unlike an app.

But the new solution of hiding them behind a long press makes them difficult to find and use in the first place.

So what if we put them back in the app drawer but tapping on a widget made it "open" as a floating widget? Tapping an app in the app drawer opens it so one would expect similar behavior of a widget in the app drawer. Long pressing an app enables a user to put it on the homescreen so the widget would behave the same way. At the same time, floating widgets would make widgets more useful in terms of multitasking.

Maybe Google could even make it simple to close widgets by simply swiping them off the screen. What do you all think?