iPhone six leak exact size comparison

Because I recently created a iPhone 6 concept (that some of you may have seen here) I had the exact schematics for the iPhone 5 laying around. When I saw the leak I decided to do some quick comparisons. The screen which is now edge to edge as we heard recently is exactly 5". This is assuming they kept the ratio the same as the iPhone 5.

Because I was surprised they jumped all the way to 5" and really increased the size of the phone it got me thinking. Taking the design and tolerances that they can achieve based on the leak what would a 4.5" phone look like. Wouldn't you know it, it comes out to EXACTLY the same size as the iPhone 5. I did not fudge any math here it just came out that way. Now on the 4.5" version I did make the bezels equal but that's the only change.

This has me pretty excited and I will be really happy to have 4.5" with no size penalty. Also the rest of it looks great, but I wonder about the antenna location. Maybe sapphire screens allow better transmission? Anyone know about that?

Here are the measurements I came up with.