Looking for Android Exchange Apps

Ok so I am in the market for some different Exchange email apps on both my Nexus 5 and iPhone. I have a thread in the Apple forums so that is that.

So over the weekend I left my iPhone at work. No biggy it was my work phone, however due to certain things going on I needed to watch my email, so I decided to go searching for an email app. You might wonder...why didn't you just use the stock mail app?

Well I have had issues with it not being consistent. I am not sure if it's our weird Lotus Notes/Exchange Hybrid email system or something else but it gets weird and is not consistent. There was the OBM Lotus business suite of apps which actually work really well, but it is ugly so my search continued.

So I found this app Nine, which I had tried before bu never for that long..so I took it for a spin again.

Great, beautiful App!! So great I paid the $10 License (And they say Android users don't by apps..lol). It did have some small bugs but nothing close to a deal breaker.

Now here is my issue...my stock iPhone app is ok, and kind of plain, but it has this one feature that I simply can't find in any other email app. You can open a message and select all the related messages in the thread and file them away. Is there an Android app that can do that?