Queen's University suing Samsung

The University I attend, is suing Samsung.


The lawsuit, filed on Jan. 31, concerns patents on Attentive User Interface (AUI) technologies, which the university filed for patent protection for in March 2003. The technology would track the eyes of a user and allow for the device to respond with an action – like pausing a video – when the user looked away.

The technology was developed by Professor Roel Vertegaal and a group of graduate students at the Human Media Laboratory in the Queen's School of Computing.

According to court documents released by the university, PARTEQ and Queen’s were in negotiations with Samsung about using the technology in the company’s devices between October 2003 and January 2004 – but the tech maker eventually backed out.

In 2013, Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S4 smartphone with "Smart Pause" technology, which uses eye-tracking technology to pause video when the user looks away. The feature is also included on the Note 3 smartphone.