Time for a Galaxy S5 reality check? An animated mock-up based on found evidence...

While many of the recent fan renderings are beautiful and creative, we should keep in mind that, knowing Samsung, the upcoming S5 will not be etched out of pure diamond with an earth shattering UI. Even Samsung has said they are going "back to basics". With that in mind, I think gadgetlove.com put together a pretty good idea what things are actually going to look like during day-to-day use. Considering the following:

1)@evleaks, a leaker with a very solid record, has already posted screenshots of the home screen and the activity stream concept

2)Sonny Disckson, a leaker with a very solid record, just posted physical design specifications

With that info, they warped an S4 into the specified shape and added the home screen and came up with the animated GIF below. Aside from some flat icon surprises and impressive internals, I think it is a pretty accurate look. Full resolution here: http://www.gadgetlove.com/products/Phones/Samsung-Galaxy-S5


Full disclosure: Galaxy S4 owner here.