AMD DockPort?

Dockport, AMD's Pseudo answer to Thunderbolt is likely to become a mainstream product in the next year or 2, if you dont know what DockPort is, i suggest googling it or reading any AnandTech article about it.

DockPort is Power, USB3(.1?),Display out all over the MiniDP connector, similar to Intel's Thunderbolt, but instead of being based off of PCIe its based off of USB3 , we all saw the awesome DockPort Demo's AMD gave at CES with the Beema/Mullins "nanoPC" running a fullscreen 1080p Fifa '14 game with no lag of a miniature PC the size of about a magazine in thickness, the dest part of that demo is that the display, power to the PC and the keyboard and mouse were all done through a single DockPort connector, how awesome.

so i really want this to happen, and apparently the overhead to make dockport connectors in laptops and desktop mobo's is relatively low which inspires confidence, the bit that doesnt though?


i should preface this by saying the rig im writing this on right now is powered by an AMD Phenom II X6 and currently integrated ADM graphics but soon to be an AMD R9 270X ,so im far from an AMD Hater, but AMD kinda has a history of starting and not finishing things, or starting them, finishing them and abandoning them with major bugs, and it kinda makes me scared becasue i want DockPort to be a thing, i really do, i mean who wouldn't want to have one connector to replace about 4.

Prove me wrong AMD

Also, are any of you guys excited about DockPort? do you think it could be the death knell ofr thunderbolt? thunderbolt is an expensive proprietary connecter that has never lived up to its expectations really, but yeah, what do you think?