The best tablet for the following 12 criteria?

I am planning to buy a tablet for academic use. The following are the important functions it should be able to handle well. If you have experience with any or all of these functions with a specific tablet, let me know. If you have general recommendations, let me know. If I forgot something that is potentially important, let me know.
Especially helpful would be answers that say: "Given your 12 points here, this is the best tablet you can get, because..." (of course, other things being equal, the cheaper one would make it)

1. for taking notes (not by typing, but the doodling kind of notes)
2. for reading papers and books, including highlighting and annotating text (in the doodling kind of annotating)
3. maybe also for taking notes by typing – if there’s a good way to combine the two ways of taking notes, it would be perfect
4. The tablet should be able to stand upright, so that reading is more comfortable.
5. I already have a netbook and a laptop, so I don't need to use it for writing papers.

6. One that comes with a stylus that works well would be nice.

7. I just read that there is such a thing as handwriting recognition - that would be awesome! Am I right to suppose that this would translate my stylus-handwritten notes into digital words?

8. I just read that Android doesn't support polytonic Greek letters, is that right?

9. Other things being equal, I would prefer to be able to handle files directly, i.e. without iTunes.

10. How much memory is recommended for academic use? I have an external HD for storing the bulk of the data.

11. I am still in the search of the right program in order to sync the data of my laptop (windows), external HD, and the potential new tablet with each other.

12. Other things being equal, I would prefer one that can handle LaTex-files, but that’s not very important. Everything’s fine as long as I can transfer everything from my tablet to my windows-driven laptop.