The Surface Tablet from a Business User Perspective

Ok let me first just put a disclaimer as I usually do not post in the MS Tribe. I do not own a Surface Tablet, I own a iPhone, Nexus 5, Nexus 7, and dabble here and there with the iPad. I use Windows 8.1 as my primary personal desktop OS and Windows 7 at work.

Ok if you are still reading...

On Google+...yes I use Google+, in the Apple Community there was a discussion about hwo iPads are dominating the enterprise sector, based on some survey by Good Technology, which didn't even show Surface making a mark on the survey.

So of course, as this is a Apple Community, the conversation started as..."IPad for the Win", or "IPad Provides better Integration" and the like you know the typical. So as some one who follows tech, part of me was like...wait...this kind of inaccurate.

First, iPad in business is not any more productive as a Surface Tablet, in all reallity what we are seeing is businesses retooling their business processes around a piece of technology...namely the iPad. This is not integrating the iPad into your business processes, this is actually doing the reverse....which is kind of a no no from a Process Managment perspective.

Second, as someone who works in that typical..enterprise environment, the Surface is actually a better productivity tool for many reasons.

  1. Majority of business use a Microsoft Windows and Exchange infrastructure. This type of infrastructure just works better with the Surface as there is no need for a 3rd party MDM solution (Like Good) to add a Surface to the Netowrk. In addition standard things we are used to like File Shares, Print Servers, and other items just are better integrated with a Surface Tablet
  2. Usually within the enterprise sector your productivity apps are centered around EMail, Notes, and Calendar. Again in a Exchange environment the Surface will integrate more easily into the infrastructure.
  3. That Stylus. Yes after sitting in a meeting and watching a colleague go nuts with his Surface, while using his Stylus to annotate key points in One Note, and email me everything before I got back to my desk, while updating the centralized Fire Share with his meeting notes without doing anything...I was impressed. Long story short that type of integration I am simply not able to do with an iPad.

Sure people can name reasons why the iPad is so great. For the most part I feel it is because some companies are developing their business applications on of course that is what people are going to use. However that is not what everyone is doing. My company runs SAP with Office 365, our business apps are not on iOS. I guess my whole point of this post is that, when people just blindly say the iPad is better for business, no one really goes the next step to understand why. For some people who's businesses have really embraced things like Apple TV in conference rooms, Business apps on iOS, or using Mac's as their primary desktop...I think the iPad would actually be better. However, that is not the case for every large enterprise.

Anyway I am really thinking about getting that 8" Dell Windows Pro for Work, as in my business it is actually the best mobile productivity device.