SD Card support in Android (particularly LG G Tab 8.3 and Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4)

Hi All -

I was wondering if you could answer a question for me. I'd really like to get an 8" or 10" tablet, since I'd like to browse the desktop version of websites. I'd also like a tablet with as high powered of specs as possible (preferably 2GB RAM and 32 GB of storage. However, my budget is a bit tight

I think the LG G Tab 8.3 or one of the better Samsung tablets would be great for me, but they seem to cap out at 16GB of built in memory. I prefer 32GB at least, since movies and such can take up a bunch of space. And I can't find any high-spec'ed 8 or 10 inch tablets with 32GB of memory built in that are in my price range.

These tablets have microSD slots, but do they actually work well for storing media? I read that stock Android 4.X doesn't really play nice with SD cards. So I know that means that the Google Play Edition of the LG tab is out. I just need to be able to store pics, music, and videos on the card (and be able to easily read/write these from the card without using the file manager, custom mounting of the drive, etc.)

In my prior experience (Motorola Droid Razr M smartphone with Android 4.2.2), I could basically only use the SD card to store photos and videos taken by the camera. I couldn't store music on there (I use Amazon MP3). I don't know about downloaded videos.

Thank you for any help you can provide.