[Updated 2] Beautifying Android ** Contacts+Dialer+SMS

I've made the switch months ago coming from my trusted iPhone and tho I love my HTC One and am very happy with Android overall, in my opinion it lacks some eye candy.

With Android's capability of modding and tweaking this should not be an issue but I'm not happy with what's out there.

The available lock screens are a disappointment and none have a constant style I like. WidgetLocker seems nice but it's unclear how to get certain things done.

Good Android Styling:

Custom Launchers with custom icon packs.

Bad Design:

Details when it comes to styling.

What I want:


I want a lock screen I can unlock by swiping anywhere on the screen, preferably with a nice animation.

Automatically change wallpapers from either a folder or from Tumblr (like Facebook Home)

Notifications with proper styling, not some ugly text, a proper notification. (you can either swipe away or interact with)

I love the design of the Facebook Home notifications (the old ones) they "pop" for a lack of better words.


What I have:

Dodol Locker with a nice wallpaper and unlock slider animation I can unlock swiping anywhere on the screen.

I hate the + icon I cannot remove and I can't modify date location etc so other then it looking good it's useless changing it to what I want. Also it has no notifications.

It looks good tho!


Floatifications are a bright light in a hopeless mess: (obviously the real deal has no blurred parts and, yes, this happens to be the one in my Dropbox)


Android Menus

A proper style of menu's and buttons. The black Android Menu style is ugly and I just don't like it.


This looks so much better! Actual time went into designing this instead of just dumping some text on a black screen:


MIUI ROM has menu's that look way better than stock Android.

Even tho it's still just text with some icons it just looks better:



What I need is Facebook Home with all the options I want. It looks good, the code is fast, the animations are good. Too bad they changed it for the worse with uglier notifications and a worse unlock system.

Also I can't disable the "zoom-effect" the wallpaper gets. I just want it fixed in position and not move about all the time.

Everybody keeps posting home-screens but those are completely irrelevant for me. I have App icons and a sliding wallpaper on my homescreens and thats all I need. My lock-screen tho I see far more often during the day and I have concluded there are not enough proper options. (The Stock Android lock-screen is a farce imo!)

Is there a way to change the menu styling without installing the MIUI rom?

Any advice on creating my perfect Lock-Screen? Besides learning how to code it myself?


After the tip from Vulk I'm now 2 Euro's down but a nice lock-screen up. Thx.

(The background only darkens if notifications are there)



So after sort of fixing my lock-screen issue I now have changed to a new dialer and contacts app to match the rest of the system style:

Contacts+ Dialer+ Messages+



Much better than the stock contacts (farce) and the dialler (have no GEL for lack of icon packs)

What do you think?