Transistioning to Windows Phone

It's Tax Season...

I've recently filed my taxes and I'm expecting a huge amount of money back. I recently broke my Nexus 4 and I'm using my Galaxy Nexus as a backup until my money arrives. If anybody knows phones then ya'll know that the Galaxy Nexus is phone that's not cut for todays Tech environment.

The Galaxy Nexus processor specs; TI OMAP 4460 chipset the CPU is a Dual-Core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A9 and the GPU is a PowerVR SGX540. I have the 16 GB model and 1GB of RAM. I had to get an extra capacity battery because battery life is abysmal. My main issue is that the processor and RAM is not enough for the daunting tasks that I put it through. I'm running at least 12 apps and switch between at least 6 all the time.

This phone stutters endlessly and i'm running Cyanogen Mod latest version. Now I definitely know I want a new phone with a great processor and a lot of RAM. My two choices are the Lenovo K900 with it's Intel Processor and the Lumia 1520. Since this is the Windows Tribe Forum I need suggestions on whether I should get the 1520 or not. Does anybody own one and can they tell me there experience about it so far.

Just a little history on my Windows experience. First and foremost it was wonderful. I was an early adopter of Windows Phone 7 when it first released. I was coming from a HTC G2 and wanted a different experience. The Windows phone I had purchased was the unicorn of the bunch. It was the coveted Dell Venue Pro. I swear if it was made with a better materials it would've been the best Windows Phone released. The keyboard was wonderful the curved screen was amazing and the experience was fluid and smooth. The phone never froze or stuttered. My screen ended up not working anymore and I've heard that was a major issue with the phone. So I had to move on and ended up getting the white version of the Galaxy Nexus a couple months before the Nexus 4 was released.

An issue I had with Windows Phone was the issue of apps. It wasn't very severe but Instagram was a major deciding factor. I was 22 years old then and Instagram was starting to make waves. I'm a designer, stylist and musician and having Instagram was important. A couple of months ago Windows Phone 8 got Instagram in the market and that's when I started thinking of switching.

So hopefully I can get some help on choosing a new Windows Phone. P.S. it needs to have a big screen. 4.5inches or more. Also if a current Windows user can tell me in why everybody is reluctant to develop for Windows Phone? that'll be great help.

I forgot to mention I'm on T-Mobile guys.