Google should get into gaming and make the Google Play League

I believe getting into the gaming industry should be Google's top priority because it would mesh with the success of their other platforms. Twitch TV could be their guideline towards gaining more success, WSJ just recently announced their ridiculous traffic information which can be viewed below.


Just a few weeks ago, Major League Gaming announced a video streaming platform to compete with Twitch.TV. I've been hearing information from sources that will remain to be unnamed that streamers there are averaging 5,000 concurrent viewers. I think this is more than enough proof that Google can go in and compete with these companies and directly offer their own League and Network to partners.

Google has all the tools in their tool shed to make the Google Play League work. They have Youtube to stream content and push out content, Google Plus to use as a social media platform for partners and players to reach out to fans, Hangouts for in game communication and meetings with partners, and they own biggest mobile platform in the world today.

I think Google should go out and announce that they're looking for Game Studios to partner with to make competitive games like they did with the Nexus program making hardware. They could fork the new Unreal Engine mobile game engine and make it their own since it's open source I believe. It would be so easy for them to design different arena shooters every year and charge fairly low prices for the game in store. They could also make it run only on Android to use it as a selling point for Android and further pressure for other companies to listen to Google so they can use Google PlayStore on their hardware.

Let's say Google got a few good competitive games that ran 60FPS in the Google Play League. They could have three tournaments daily for each one with a prize pool of $1-2K. That would be considered chump change for Google and it would be a great effective tool for advertising. It would also give a boost into activity in all the Google services and more people would recommend them because Twitter is slowly becoming like Google Plus.

Anyways, I just wanted to give some food for thought to show where Google could excel and dominate. I think they could benefit more as a company and hire more visionaries in other industries to successfully utilize their resources more as a company.