Nokia Lumia 2520 or iPad Air?

I've been on the tablet hunt for about a month now, and I've narrowed it down to about 2 tablets that I can see myself using. I currently have a Macbook Pro and an iPhone 5, so I'm pretty heavily involved in Apple's ecosystem. The apps and synchronization between these devices are great, and I can see why iPad would only magnify this experience.

Here's my problem:

I am extremely interested in Microsoft's metro interface on mobile devices. I can't explain why, but I love the design of Windows 8 on a tablet. Even if I can't run legacy apps, features such as snapping apps side by side and glanceable information within the tiles seem to make a world of sense compared to the static icons I'm sick of looking at on my phone. iOS 7 on an iPad in reality is just a blown up phone interface that does not utilize the extra screen space it should.

I am simply looking for a tablet as a media consumption device, any real work is much more suited for my laptop anyway. For the first time in my life money isn't an issue, and I have narrowed my sights on Nokia's Lumia 2520. The black matte version looks incredible, and the screen (minus the bezel) and specs seem to really make this device worthwhile. I understand Windows RT app situation at the moment, and I will virtually spend no time within the desktop or in Microsoft's office suite. In the seemingly mundane world of iPads it seems like I can really make this device mine.

So my questions to you:

To those who have used this device, or simply any full size windows tablet, what has your experience been like? What benefits have you observed, or compromises you made to fully take advantage of what this tablet has to offer? Would you buy it again if you could go back in time?

I apologize if it's a seemingly long post. I am genuinely interested in hearing your thoughts and opinions of personal user experiences vs. reading reviews & watching youtube videos about it. Thanks.