PC Sales charts...

I see a lot of articles claiming "Apple now sells more PCs than all Windows PC manufacturers combined" and at first...that makes you stop and go "whoa"...

But the charts include iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads...and to me...that seems...like cheating?

I dunno...Apple already makes MORE money than the traditional PC sellers...but why now consider a phone, a tablet, and a PMP to be PCs simply because they make Apple the big dog where they are already the big dog where it matters?

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*if you count women I've been in the same room with with 6 or less people in the room including us

I mean why have different markets if they can all be lumped together anyways? Why sell a phone? or a tablet? or a PMP? Since they are all now miraculously PCs and are including on charts with traditional PCs.

If someone says "Yo do you have a PC." you're going to think "yes, I have a laptop, or yes, a desktop at home, or yes a mac (or no a mac, same shit)" but no one thinks "yes, I have an iPod touch."

It's a ridiculous addition that reeks of fanboish need to make the profit king into the quantity king...for no real reason it seems.