If you had to pay...

I'm curious, Googleplex.

Google provide most of its services for 'free'. This often leads people to claim that the user 'is the product' being sold because of how Google use user data to sell ads.

Whatever your view on that, I've a question for Google users: So, what if Google offered a tier for all its services that didn't serve ads and didn't use your data to help target them? (In a way it already does, but humour me for a minute). They could still use the information to provide you with Google Now and recommendations and the like - but they wouldn't use it to sell ads.

1. How much would you be willing to pay for any particular Google service you use (e.g. $1 per month for access to search; $30 per month for Docs etc.)


2. How much do you think Google would actually charge for each service? They'd need to make up the loss of revenue, after all!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.