PC: Blazblue CT GFWL and steam editions

I have BBCT on DVD for PC. I almost exclusively play it onilne, however with the closing down of GFWL, all the online players seem to have deserted the game. I just noticed that the game has been republished on steam, however there is no online/network support, which kind of sucks.

What is going to happen to all games with GFWL edition? Other games I have include Dirt 2, Batman. Annoyingly I don't want to have to repurchase the game on steam if I want to play it online. I see people mentioning that steam ports or you can redeem codes in steam and discard your disc version. Similar with what EA is doing with origin. However, I have yet to see that happen.

Any ideas? Maybe polygon can do a special about GFWL and what about users who own PC versions of the games?