Windows vs Snap

Dear Microsoft,

Please fix the slit personality of you latest OS. In desktop mode apps are opened in Windows, everywhere else apps are opened in snap views...

My personal preference is Windows over snap views, but whatever you decide I don't care (anymore) just pick one style and go from there. Having snap views in one part of the OS and Windows in another part of the OS is simply a bad design. New users are confused and experienced users are constantly questioning, "why did they take this route".

And please don't give me the "desktop is just an app now" excuse... that's just BS.

Fix the OS, and stop with the constant series of stupid decisions...

- Killing Silverlight

- HTML/JavaScript as a first class citizen

- Snap views vs Windows

- Slow WinPhone updates

- Andriod phone adoption (still rumored)

- Xbox launch debacle

etc. etc.

Microsoft your just all over the freaking map.... get it together!