Google cracking down on Android fragmentation

I'm not an an Android or Google fan (or supporter, for that matter) by any stretch of the imagination, but Thank God Google is doing something about Android fragmentation.

Here's a gem of a story for you:

Google to Manufacturers: 'Use a Recent Version of Android, Or Else'

Basically, after February 1, Android OEMs can't license Google Mobile Services (GMS, which is basically Google Play services) unless they're using the most recent version of Android. Good on Google. Being at the top of the market, they have to do something about Android's embattled consumer image. In all seriousness, I think Google I just learning how to deal with OEMs, like the Microsoft Windows and IBM situation back in the day. Obviously, people like Samsung will be pissed. But, Google better be careful. This could be the catalyst of a situation where Android OEMs start getting serious about other operating systems. (Windows Phone, perhaps, or maybe an Android fork that they control)

But, nonetheless, this is a commendable step in the right direction, not to be understated or undervalued.