RANT: On Atrocious Concept Phones

It all started when I saw this:

an ugly nexus render

My Thoughts That Followed

It looks like someone steamrolled a Nexus 5... ok I felt like ranting a bit:

SERIOUSLY what is up with all these fake looking mock-ups with ridiculously unrealistic specs? Do people actually believe them? I've been following the mobile industry for the last 6 or so years and I've been seeing these pop up every month or so.

Everything from obtuse ergonomics to mythical specs. Yeah sure I'll take a 5" screen that fits in my palm with no bezel and a server grade SOC with a petabyte of ram and 4 exabytes of cloud storage powered by children's dreams.

Oh and run it will Android 5 on it cuz I have a tip from my friend's uncle's hat that once fell on a Google side walk during his drunken 3am stroll through Mountain View.

Add to that mock-ups designed by a hand so cruel that the mere sight of it would make Matias Duarte cry in a burst of painful onion tears.

And then his shirt would catch flames.

No offense to the OP, but I really don't understand why this type of 'concept phone' model ever rises to the surface, and why I just spent too much time giving my thoughts to the internet.

Oh wait I know why.

I'm so alone... Happy Valentines Day.

*Drops Mic*