Google's Increasingly Muddled Design Sensibilities

I love Google's design language - both hardware and software, I just wish the software part wasn't so goddamn incomplete and inconsistent.

While I think it's a great thing that Google's approach is to push updates at any time of the year rather than all at once, massive UI principle changes need to happen concurrently across all their apps.

When did this start to become acceptable??

Because I thought:

How is the company meant to inspire developers to come to Android and spend time and effort in creating great looking apps that fit the platform if the steward of that platform doesn't give a damn?

This kind of inattentiveness is all over all of their stuff, I just hope that the reason we haven't heard anything about I/O yet is because they're working on getting everything tightened up finally. I don't even care if Android 4.5 doesn't bring a single bloody feature if it instead means that everything looks like it comes from the same stage of development. (see hideous holo dark gradient vs 4.3+ clock app background).

Google, get your shit together,
Sincerely, an incredibly frustrated developer/user