Win9 - Some New Apps [Concept]


I decided to make two posts since I didn't want to make one really long one. These are just a couple apps (OneDrive, Word, and Task Manager) and How I think that they should work. There is definitely too much blue in these concepts... I didn't realize that until I was finished. I think that I should have made the OneDrive/File Explorer app with a slight grey navigation pain instead of a blue one... Oh well!

(by the way here are the links to my other concepts: Win9 assimilation and Win9 Cont.)

  • I believe that File explorer/OneDrive needs a makeover as well. In this mockup I’ve done my best combine the touch-based version of SkyDrive with the desktop File Explorer
  • If this works right it would definitely show that both interfaces can coexist peacefully.

  • You can bring up the menu by swiping down from the top. Also this can be pinned to make it more like the desktop version.

  • By swiping on the ribbon, you can bring up the other menus (file, share, and view).

  • I like the idea of having tabs in the app because everything is full screen now (at least in this concept). I ultimately decided to have them be at the top and not at the bottom like in IE just because I figured that the majority of people who would use them would be using a mouse and keyboard.

  • (Looking back at the pictures now, I think that the "File, Home, Share, View" list is way to large and out of scale...)

  • This just shows the ribbon minimized, but the tabs and address bar are still visible.

    • Here is a quick mock up of a Word mobile app. I really love the simplicity of the OneNote app and I think that it should be continued throughout the entire Office Suite.

    • For Word, I think that it should just be that.... Words. I really like having the whole page be full screen so it's just me and the content of the paper...

    • I also made a quick copy of the floating dot thing… (whatever you call it) I find it incredibly useful in OneNote, especially since you can quickly do swipe gestures on it to copy/past/bold and other functions.

    • Also, I read somewhere about how Microsoft should make its office suite modular or something like that. Basically, everyone can get a simple word editor for free. Then if you want more advanced functions you can pay for different expansion packs that would add different functionality to your version of office. I don’t know how this would work, but it caught my interest and I thought it would be interesting to mention here. What do you guys think?

    • This shows the ribbon visible at the top (Sorry, but I got kind of lazy with the ribbon this time and just use the current one. I think that it might look better with the same style as the File Explorer ribbon.)

    • As with the File Explorer/OneDrive, it would be pinnable.

    These are just a few of my takes on certain apps. What's your input?

    1. Do you think that the apps are too simple/complex to run on touch/desktop computers? Or are they just right and include just about everything for the best of both worlds?

    2. Also, what do you think of the ribbons? I believe that they are incredibly useful and can be implemented to be used for both touch and nontouch devices.

    Thanks for your input!