Apple TV 4th gen. How it will work?

Okay, it is coming... So let's think about it, how it works etc. here. :)

Here are my predictions for under the hood of Apple TV:

- 64 Gb

- HDMI 2.0

- No TV tuner

- Siri

- No remote controller included? Instead you can use iPhone, iPad and SIRI

- A8 processor

- $99

TV aspect will work like this:

- TV programs are available via broadband

- Quality adjusts on how fast broadband you have, when watching live

- Users doesn't need to watch programs live, however

- ... Instead they see timetable of content coming available (tv guide)

- If American Idol ep. 6 is made available in tv guide today, Apple TV asks do you want to see instead 1st episode

- and 1st episode is free to watch on each program

- After that you need to subscribe the program if you want to see more for few bucks

How gaming aspect will work:

- You can buy gaming controller if you want to, there will be many controllers from 3rd parties

- It is also possible to use iPhone, iPad as controller, trust me that it works pretty well this way too, I have tested...

- A8 will handle good enought graphics