Porting my ONLY cellphone number to a Cellular TABLET!!!!

How possible would it be to port your main phone# (or only #) into a cellular tablet and still get through your day to day?

Why do I want to switch from a full feature smartphone to a cellular tablet? Well, I've been finding that my generation of user, when it comes to cellphone usage, only needs texting and data. We barely use a phone as a phone! Personally, I made maybe 20 minutes worth of calls this past month. Everything else is data consumption through apps/internet usage and texting or Skype/hangouts (or when I had my iPhone, iMessage and Facetime) which I could do more than comfortably on an tablet.

Like the Highlander, I dream of a day where "there can only be one" ...mobile device that I carry around with me. I like the portability of a phone, but the screen size gets to me if I need to do any excessive research or exploring of the internet :) Although, the large iPads and tablets are too big (and with a case, I feel like I'm carrying a textbook). So the perfect size seems to be in the 7-8inch realm. I love the design and app qualities in the iPad mini with Retina. It also seems that not a lot of tablets have a cellular version, whereas the entire iPad lineup has a cellular option with both GSM and CDMA.

So, what I'm getting at, my question to you all...

Is there a way to completely replace your cellphone for a cellular tablet (my favorite being the iPad mini Retina)?

The incentives are there. Looking at the plans (Verizon only...Sprint and T-mobile are not options in most places geographically, and I was told that the Verizon Cellular version has both CDMA and GSM capabilities where as the At&t version only has GSM) adding a tablet to an existing Verizon member's plan is only $10 on the Share Everything plan. Add another $10 to add another 2gb if needed (each step up in data is another $10/2gb). I could essentially pay my part of the bill at $40 per month to secure 6gb of data per month assuming the existing user has a 2gb or higher plan (I normally use a little over 4gb/month). This could save a ton of money while allowing me a larger data pool!

The family and friends that I DO call on occasion have iPhones, so I can use Facetime Calling there. Everyone else I can just iMessage/text/skype/hangout.

Only problem I can foresee so far, is when I need to make/receive calls to a home/business line that I'll need to reach once in a blue moon. I was told of Google Voice, but worried if that would still work if the cellphone # I'm using is the one on my cellular tablet? Also, a friend of mine was warning me that support for Google Voice may not be there in the near/distant future since it hasn't been updated in quite some time now and may be discontinued like some other noteworthy Google services... So, if Google Voice does kick the bucket, what would be my options to make/receive phone calls from a cellular tablet?

Without completely trolling this post with reasons why I need to suck it up and get a larger phone or get a wifi tablet and deal with having two devices...please respond with any ideas you have! Thanks in advance! :)