Low end Windows Phones better than low end Android phones? Give me a damn break!

Bought a Lumia 520 for my mom a few months ago. The ONLY reason why I chose it over an Android in the same price range was because supposedly low end Windows Phones are just so damn smooth and lag free and fast. Today I was almost embarrassed when she couldn't make a simple Viber or Skype call to my sister in another country.

  • It takes 4-5 seconds for Skype to just RESUME?! Every time I'm in Skype, I press the start button, then press the Skype tile again, it takes 5 freakin seconds for the app to resume?
  • During a Skype voice call, when screen came back on when the phone was held away from the face, the Skype app got stuck at 'loading....', it was there for about 20 seconds when I had to repeatedly press back to quit the app. This happened multiple times.
  • Viber is incredibly slow and unresponsive. They've updated the app so many times promising to fix these issues. I think they've given up citing 'platform limitations' a reason.
  • I tried Line Messenger from an Android to Lumia 520. Multiple times a call going out from Android to L520 did not even register on the L520. There were times when it took about 5-6 seconds AFTER the Android showed 'ringing' for it to show on L520. The other way around? It was instantaneous on Android.
  • There is not a single God damn VOIP client that works reliably. Period.

On an Android phone with similar specs it takes hardly a second for the Skype app to launch from a cold start. Launches instantly if resumed from the multitasking screen. Viber is also fast and response.

So I'm wondering, on what earthly basis are low end Lumias better than Android phones?! SMS and calling? You have Asha phones for that.