A device that has DSLR camera quality in a pocketable body?

I'm shopping around for a camera and need some help. I recently purchased a Canon SL1. In some areas, it's great and in other area, it fell short of what I was looking for. I used this camera with the kit lens.


-Great photos

-Fast focusing

-High quality touchscreen


-Even thought it's small for a DSLR, it's still too big

-no "smart" features (wifi, sharing, etc.)

I then went ahead and bought a Sony NEX-6 thinking it might be the right compromise between size and quality I was looking for. I actually liked the NEX-5 a lot but it doesn't have a viewfinder which is why I went with the NEX-6. I used this camera with the compact zoom kit lens.


-small and easy to carry around

-focus and photo quality are good (although not as good as the SL1)

-Can share photos from the camera to my phone with wi-fi


-photos on auto setting arent as good as the auto setting on the SL1

-Electronic viewfinder is not as good as the viewfinder on the SL1

-interface isn't as good as the SL1

I still think there's a better camera out there for my needs. In order of importance, I want a device that takes DSLR quality photos, is small enough to carry around easily, has a viewfinder, and let's you share photos. Most of the time the camera will be left in auto mode and I'm just looking to use one lens (I don't want to keep swapping out lenses, just have one all around lens to use in all situations). Primary use will be for taking photos casually with friends and family. Budget is between $500 and $800. What other cameras should I look at?