Windows Phone 9 Concept - black_hawk

Dear folks, respected readers of the Verge,

With no further introductions, I am excited to share with you my concept design for how Windows Phone 9 should look like.

(please read each new addition and see related screenshots in links)

Windows Phone 9 UI:

New start experience
New start 2
New start 3

  • New start screen experience, complete with 3 different pages:

    • New home page, which includes:
      • Background appliance with Parallax effect (both vertical and horizontal).
      • Interactive tiles. (developers have access to a new API where they can add buttons to tiles for quicker access).
      • Grouping of different tiles.
      • SemanticZoom. (pinch-out on the home screen or in apps with this new API for quicker access of scroll-able screens).
      • Double tap on any tile to clear notifications.

      Start Semantic Zoom
    • App list:
      • Re-arrange your app list with four different ways:
        • By name.
        • By date installed.
        • By most used.
        • By category.
      App list
      Sorting app list
    • Notifications hub, which gathers:
      Notification hub
      • Music and volume controls.
        • Control your mobile state, with 4 modes (ring+vibrate, ring, vibrate, silent).
          Mobile states

        • Control your volume, with separate controls (master, music, apps, alarms).
          Volume controls

      • Weather.
      • Agenda.
      • Dynamic Notifications.
        Expand 1
        Expand 2
        • Expand notifications.
        • Clear and reply to notifications, with direct links to apps.

  • Charms bar implementation:
    Charms bar
    • Accessible from any place in the system.

    • Contains different shortcuts, which increases productivity:
      • Dialer shortcut.
      • Quick apps access. (changeable from the phone settings).
        Quick apps
      • Universal share button. (quickly share what's on your screen, either a screenshot, a link in IE, a tweet.. depending on the app you are running).
        Universal share
      • Notifications shortcut. (quick access for notifications with shortcuts to the notifications hub).
        Notifications-Charms bar
      • Universal settings menu.
        Settings-Charms bar
        • Quick settings. (toggles)
          Quick settings
        • App settings. (a way to organize apps).
        • General settings.

  • Improved multi-tasking menu.

  • Re-assigning of capacitive buttons.
    New capacitive buttons

  • Cortana.

  • Improved rotation experience in the home screen (landscape)