Isn't a single page Windows start screen enough?

Is there any real benefit of multi-page start screen on windows? I used to keep the default multi-page start screen in Windows, with different sections/categories of apps. I never cared to name any of those categories and organize the apps accordingly. Almost never used the zoomed out category view of start screen. In my practical usage, I never passed the first page to open an app. Rather I went to start typing the name or the "All apps". And keeping a tile "Live" after the first page of start screen makes no sense to me. After all these, I settled to a single page start screen. And I feel that, one page is enough to place the apps I feel important. And now there is "smaller tile size" and "show more tiles" to support my view of confining start screen to one single page, if someone just want to keep more apps in one screen.

I understand that I am using Windows on a traditional laptop. So, experiences with tablets and other touch enabled devices will be much more different. Specially tablets with small 8" screen where single page may be too small. Or on very large displays where a single-page start screen synced from an 8" device will look awkward. So I am asking you people. What do you think? Do you use, need or want a multi-page start screen?